Our approach to philanthropy goes beyond our premises, we show commitment for the environment and society we live in.

We aim to strengthen communities via our offices in more than 50 locations in all the provinces nationwide. In addition to financial support to educational and humanitarian organizations, we contribute by arranging frequent regular free of cost medical camps, and organizing activities and events for health awareness.

Malir Jail Initiative

CEO Prof Dr. Farhan Essa Abdullah worked on changing Jail policies at Malir Jail, which included the release of the prisoners, providing vocational training centre in jails, mobile repair, motorbike repair, embroidery, and computer training centre, as well as a Rehabilitation Centre with Anti Narcotic Force, Sindh. He worked on their skill development and provided job opportunities to the released prisoners in several industrial areas. A Women Prison Library has also been established for the moral and educational development of imprisoned women.



Vaccination Campaigns

Polio Vaccination Campaign

In the light of recent circumstances where Pakistan is one of the two nations in the world still fighting against Polio, around 150 vaccinators have been hired and a Polio vaccination campaign has been initiated, also involving several organizations, schools, and colleges. 

EPI Vaccination Campaign World Immunization Week

We have joined hands with the Government of Sindh, WHO, and Unicef on the initiative of EPI(Expanded Program on Immunization) and serving as a fixed EPl centre, providing free-of-cost vaccinations to infants aged 0 to 15 months against twelve illnesses. During World Immunization Week starting from 24th April until 30th April, numerous activities have been arranged at renowned institutions, organizations, universities, and retail stores to maximize awareness regarding the importance of immunization. Free Anti-Snake venom vaccines are also provided by Dr. Essa Lab.

Free Medical Camps

Regular Medical Camps

Regular free medical camps are arranged at several places nationwide offering free laboratory testing services as well as free consultation from physicians, dentists and physiotherapists.

Medical Camps For Police

There have been medical camps arranged for the Police, who worked as the first line of defense during the pandemic. Policemen from Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpukhas, Nawabshah and many more divisions took part and got training for the Covid precautions and SOPs.

Funding Educational Institutes And Organizations

Dr. Essa Lab financially supports various educational institutes such as Special Children Karachi vocational training and Lahore Centre for special children. Teachers' salaries for Nasra Schooling system as well as scholarship funds of 10 million rupees are covered. Thalassemia patients at Muhammadi Blood Centre are also given support.