Show Your Support This World Vitiligo Day

Show Your Support This World Vitiligo Day

Jun 25 , 2022


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The 25th of June is marked as World Vitiligo Day to raise awareness and support the Vitiligo community. Vitiligo occurs in 1-2% of the population worldwide. The goal to observe this day has evolved over time from just spreading knowledge about vitiligo to recognising the bullying, social neglect, psychological pain, and impairment experienced by approximately 100 million vitiligo sufferers. On this day, millions of people gather together all around the world to combat prejudice, donate money for research, support, and education, and raise awareness of vitiligo.

A Brief History Of World Vitiligo Day

In 2011, the inaugural World Vitiligo Day was observed; it is now a yearly, international celebration. The non-profit organisations Vitiligo Research Foundation VR Foundation (USA) and Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation VITSAF (Nigeria), as well as their supporters throughout the world, were determined to raise awareness of this skin condition and shed light on the difficulties experienced by vitiligo patients when they launched the campaign. They chose 25th June to observe World Vitiligo every year.

Theme Of World Vitiligo Day 

The theme for this year's World Vitiligo Day is "Learning to Live With Vitiligo". Vitiligo sufferers have dealt with difficulties, bullying, and social anxiety for years. On this day, people with vitiligo, medical professionals, and supporters come up to dispel myths, promote equitable opportunities, and talk about the care that people with vitiligo need.


What Is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is an auto-immune illness that is not communicable and results in permanent white spots on the skin due to a lack of melanin. The skin's innate colour is a result of melanin. These blotchy areas can emerge anywhere on the body over time, although they most frequently do so on the hands, neck, and face. Your skin is not in any way uncomfortable due to vitiligo, although these spots are sensitive to sunlight (UV rays). Sunscreen use is thus always advised for those who have Vitiligo. In Pakistan, Vitiligo is one of the top five skin conditions.


Is Vitiligo Curable?

The extent to which these patches might expand and impact the human body cannot be quantified. Vitiligo doesn't have any obvious symptoms, but it can lead to sunburns, vision issues, hearing loss, and social or psychological difficulties. Additionally, while vitiligo therapy can help skin colour return, it cannot stop the condition from returning or from permanently fading skin colour. RMI provides a variety of vitiligo treatment options. To cure vitiligo, knowledgeable specialists can advise on the most recent research and evidence-based treatment alternatives. There may not be any permanent cure but treatments are available such as following:

  • Camouflage therapy
  • Repigmentation therapy
  • Light therapy
  • Surgery


Raising Vitiligo Awareness

This day is an attempt to dispel misunderstandings and prejudice toward patients with this ailment on a worldwide scale. People with vitiligo face significant obstacles in their professional and personal lives, and we must work together to assist their community and provide them access to equitable possibilities. We must play our role as responsible and educated citizens, stop judging and stereotyping and look past the physical differences. Vitiligo is not at all communicable, it can not transfer from one person to another. Therefore, avoid putting vitiligo sufferers at a distance. They want acceptance and assistance from this culture.

In our materialistic world, people only perceive a beautiful face, but an ugly heart cannot be concealed for very long. Support everyone you see who has vitiligo and look past their skin tone.

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