Our Resolution This Pakistan Day

Our Resolution This Pakistan Day

Mar 22 , 2022


Essa lab

Pakistan Day is celebrated with great zeal on 23rd March to commemorate the day when a dream was proposed as a resolution, our very own identity was declared and a concept that now stands as vast land of great potential. 

Our History

Back in pre division India in 1857, when a voice emerged that took the form of rebellion by British East India Company soldiers against Company Rule, which became the basis of the freedom struggle for a separate independent homeland.

Leaders like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, played a vital role in the freedom movement. The Two-Nation theory was proposed, in 1940, which stated that Muslims and Hindus are two different nations that hold contradicting beliefs and culture and a separate political and socioeconomic system was needed. Because of the Lahore Resolution, Pakistan came into existence seven years later, and the mass migration of around 20 million people occurred. It was indeed one of the most powerful political movements in world history.

Dr Essa Lab’s contribution to Pakistan

Dr Essa Lab has been serving the nation since 1987. Carrying the noble cause, Prof. Dr Farhan Essa Abdullah has made remarkable contributions to the betterment of the country. Our nation’s health is our priority, therefore, we stay at the front during any calamity, always working towards a healthier Pakistan. Dr Essa Lab worked as one of the first line warriors during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, being part of the first vaccination centre of Pakistan in Karachi, which was set up under the five core leadership. Field Isolation Centre Karachi was also set up where PPEs, Oxygen Supply and Water Supply were arranged. Prof. Dr Farhan Essa offered free Covid Testing there and paid all the contributions and expenses on his own.

He also arranged medical and awareness camps for the Police in several districts of Sindh.

Dr Farhan arranged the funding from all the philanthropist organizations and started a food ration-drive in all the remote areas during COVID.

Around 150 vaccinators were hired for vaccination awareness campaigns.

He himself participated in many talk shows and programs on television to spread awareness about Covid and SOPs and advised the masses to follow NCOC guidelines.

Dr Farhan worked on changing Jail policies, that include the release of the prisoners, providing vocational training centre in jails, mobile repair, motorbike repair, embroidery, patriotic programs, computer training centre, as well as Rehabilitation Centre with anti-narcotics force, worked on their skill development, provided job opportunities to the released prisoners in the seven industrial areas.

This Pakistan Day we are offering discounts on all our diagnostic and laboratory services in celebration of this special day as we prioritize our nation's health and believe that prevention is better than cure. Visit our nearest branch or call us at UAN: (021) 111-786-986

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