Lumpy Skin Disease: What You Should Know About

Lumpy Skin Disease: What You Should Know About

Apr 09 , 2022


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Lumpy skin disease is a viral disease affecting cattle. According to the Sindh livestock department, up to 54 animals have died as a result of the Lumpy Skin Disease, which has affected over 20,000 animals across the province, including 15,100 in Karachi alone.

Even though transmission to humans has not been reported, we should be cautious when cooking and cleaning meat. We can consume meat that is thoroughly cooked and properly washed. We must wash hands after handling any meat and only consume boiled or pasteurized milk.

-What is Lumpy disease?

Lumpy skin disease is a viral disease that affects cattle, caused by Capripox virus. It is transmitted by blood-feeding insects, such as certain species of flies and mosquitoes, or ticks.

-Signs and Symptoms

Clinically, this disease shows signs as widespread, firm, painful nodules of the skin and mucosal surfaces, that can become ulcerated and necrotic.

These are often found all over the body, however notably on:

  • neck
  • udder
  • scrotum
  • perineum.

Dairy animals at peak production are often the most badly impacted, with milk production dropping dramatically. Excess salivation, depression, anorexia, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and rhinitis are all possible symptoms.

-Where is it common?

It was first started in African countries since it spreads in wet warm climates, but now also occurs in several countries in the Middle East, Asia, and eastern Europe, India now entering Pakistan.

-How to control its spread?

Attenuated virus vaccines are beneficial to prevent the spread of the disease. Besides the vaccination of animals, other skin medicines should also be given to the cattle and movement of animals from the affected areas should also be stopped.

It is also directed to the livestock authorities to spray mosquito repellent in and around cattle farms with the help of district administration and also to provide awareness to the cattle owners about the disease.

Farmers are greatly affected as it hit many farms in the province, particularly those located in Karachi’s crowded Cattle Colony.

According to dairy farmers, the condition of ailing animals is deteriorating, causing mortalities in some cases.

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