Cancer Cure: A New Discovery That Might Change Everything

Cancer Cure: A New Discovery That Might Change Everything

Jul 27 , 2022


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A small group of people with rectal cancer recently witnessed a scientific miracle: their cancer vanished following an experimental treatment.


Is Cancer Cure Possible?

The word "cure" has been used by doctors for centuries to describe a medical condition that has completely disappeared and will never come back. For example, if you have appendicitis and the doctors remove your appendix, you have been cured.


Cancer has its own language, in which the word "cure" takes on a different meaning.


While doctors can give you their professional opinion on the likelihood of your cancer returning based on data from large groups of people, no doctor can give you a guarantee that you will be cured.


There are two primary reasons for this:

Firstly, doctors have not yet discovered all there is to know about the disease.

Secondly, and more importantly, some cancer cells may remain in the body and can grow and divide to form a new tumor. For this reason, doctors are very careful about using the term "cure."

But with this new discovery now, there is a possibility of finally finding a drug which can be termed a "cure".


New Discovery 

In a trial conducted by doctors at New York's Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, patients took a drug called dostarlimab for six months. The trial resulted in every single one of their tumors disappearing. The trial group included just 18 people, and there is still more to be learned about how the treatment worked. However, some scientists say these kinds of results have never been seen in the history of cancer research. 

According to the researchers, the cancer disappeared in every single one of them, and was not detected by physical exam, endoscopy, PET scans or MRI scans even after 6 months follow up. This is "first time in history", hence an astounding achievement.


Hope For The Future

Researchers believe that the experiment should now be done in much larger research, and they point out that the current study only included patients with a rare genetic signature in their tumors. However, they believe that witnessing full remission in 100% of people examined is a highly positive early indication.


There has been another discovery as well, where scientists at University of Texas at Dallas synthesized a novel molecule, called ERX-41, that kills a broad spectrum of hard-to-treat cancers, including triple-negative breast cancer, by targeting weakness in cells not previously done by other drugs. Experimented in mice, clinical trials of the compound are yet to be carried out.

The breakthrough researches have given humankind a ray of hope for the future where a lethal malady like cancer is curable.

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